Tips for Maintaining Computer System Security

The computer system must be safeguarded, especially the computer in which files are stored or important and confidential data that will cause chaos if the data or file is lost or damaged. Furthermore, you may also want to consider using high-quality security measures just like the 2 factor authentication benefits of 2 factor authentication.

Therefore, here are tips that can be done to maintain system security in a computer:

Use AntiVirus

AntiVirus is a mandatory thing that must be used to keep the computer system secure. AntiVirus is a guard so that various types of viruses cannot enter and damage data and files on the computer. For satisfactory results, do not use pirated AntiVirus, but if you do not have the budget to buy the original antiVirus, you can use a free antiVirus, whose prowess is not inferior to naughty viruses.


To keep the system in the computer awake, don’t forget to always update the computer. Not only is AntiVirus updated, but all operating systems, software must be updated. There is no perfect software because every software must always have a crack that can be broken, and to close the gap, the best step is to update it.

Be careful when browsing

Internet viruses usually spread through illegal or pirated sites. If you don’t want to get a virus, don’t go to such sites. If there is a site that suddenly displays a sentence if we get a prize, then ignore it, because it is an internet virus that can threaten computer security.

Scan downloaded files

Whatever type of file you download must be scanned using antiVirus so that the file is completely free of viruses. Compared to treating a computer that has a virus, you should first scan the downloaded file.

Beware of Spam Emails

One way the internet virus is spread is via email. If you get an e-mail containing BAT, VBS, EXE files and sent by a stranger, then it could be a virus that can reboot the system on a computer.

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