These Are Two Types Of Materials That Are Often Used As Uniforms

Uniforms must indeed be made from the best materials, there are many types of materials that can be used to be uniform. The material used for uniforms must indeed be made from the best and most comfortable materials to use, especially uniforms for children. The materials of uniforms for school must be comfortable so that children can move freely and can be used for a long time.

Below are two materials that are often used as uniforms
– cotton
Knitting fabric made from cotton fiber. Cotton fabric has several advantages, the material is cold, can absorb sweat very well, is not easily wrinkled, hairless, does not fade, and is easily screened. But, cotton, thin so it’s easy to tear.

– drill
Drill cloth is a fairly thick cloth, before this fabric was often used as a military uniform material. In terms of price and quality, this drill cloth adapts to the basic material used. The more levels of cotton in the fabric, the more expensive the price.

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