Making A Simple Emergency Air Conditioner

One way to cool a hot room or to cool a room with water is to make a simple ac innovation. There are several ways to make a simple air conditioner, one of which is how to make an AC fan. But in this discussion, you can make a simple air conditioner without using ice cubes. Apart from that, don’t hesitate to call the professional aircon servicing singapore when you want to get your broken AC repaired as soon as possible.

Are you curious about it? If you are, before you know the steps, first prepare the following tools and materials:

Copper tubing or 3/16 copper pipe “.
Adequate cable ties.
Enough plastic pipes.
Small aquarium water pump.
Thermos ice water tendon or can use styrofoam.
And others.

If all the tools and materials have been collected, then they can switch to the manufacturing process. The following are simple ac-made pickles without good and correct ice cubes, namely:

First, prepare a fan and copper tubing first. Furthermore, the copper tubing is wrapped around the front or the back of the fan. This stage must be done carefully so that the copper pipe does not break. In order not to be dislodged, tie copper tubing using cable ties attached to the fan.

The next stage, connect copper tubing using plastic pipes. Then tighten to prevent water leakage.

Next, the plastic pipe is connected to the aquarium water pump that has been prepared.

The ice or styrofoam thermos container is then filled with cold water.

Then, put the water pump into a water or sterofoam thermos.

That’s it! This simple air conditioner without ice cubes was finished. This tool uses the working principle in the form of water pumped through a copper pipe. The water will cool the copper pipe itself, until finally the cold air comes out through copper which will be blown through the fan.

Thus some tips and tricks as a way to make a simple ac without ice cubes that are good and right and you must know and learn. Hopefully useful and good luck!