What To Never Do When Selecting The Curtain For Your Home Windows

Buying the curtain means you have the responsibility to first know the ราคาผ้าม่าน. In general, the curtains come with various price offerings. This means that you may find the expensive and cheap curtain even though they come with the same level of quality. When choosing the curtain, make sure that you won’t make any mistake. For this reason, you may not go making the decision by solely considering the price.

Windows are one of the important parts of the house. The window will look prettier if given a curtain. Do you know there are some mistakes that you unconsciously do in treating curtains on the window?

1. Curtains that are too long.

This is the most common mistake people make. That is choosing a curtain that is too long. Instead, choose a curtain that doesn’t seem heavy so that your window looks balanced.

2. Excess accessories

Tassel, curtain ties will fill the look of your window. Preferably, avoid using too many additional accessories because it will make your window look crowded.