Tips For Finding An Engineer For The Early Startup

A solid and quality engineer team is one of the main key technology companies. Without reducing the important role of the team in other parts, the engineering team is an important breath of technology companies. They are built and developed with their respective cultures to bring growth and innovation. You can visit Jeremy Page founder to get one.

Building an engineering team is not an easy matter. Especially if the startup is still in its early stages and requires a lot of effort. Recruiting a developer is crucial. One mistake can push the “ship” to sink faster, even before sailing. The following are preparations for recruiting an engineer or developer. Not only to get the best but get the one that fits your needs.

As a new company, looking for qualified engineers is a matter of meeting company needs. Not only about salary, but also about the team. So before looking for and filtering out the quality of the candidates, it would be nice to look inside. How will the business be able to manage this talent well? Have the business have a culture that is good for learning and developing. Don’t let them get the best candidates when they feel they are in vain because their careers don’t develop. What companies can offer to get competent talents?

Now there are many job openings that can be used to find talent. But for new startup cases, there are several alternatives that can be done. One way is through the community. Founders or co-founders who have a technical background can directly enter and join the community. In this community, the founder can find a candidate engineer or developer. So it’s not just a matter of skill, the founder can directly witness the candidate’s personality.

To guarantee the quality of the engineer from wherever he applies for registration, testing it by writing code is an obligation. Give them problems and let them solve it in one to two hours. In addition to giving a case to be resolved, testing prospective developers can be done by pairing code or simulating work with the existing engineer team. In addition to knowing the extent of the candidate’s skills, pairing code also has a function to find out the style or how candidates use existing tools.