Expansion of Greening Areas

Planting land with a variety of different types of plants is one of the efforts to tackle land to be critical. The variety of plants planted side by side or called intercropping techniques can help maintain nutrient content in the soil. This is because each plant needs different water and nutrients. Reforestation needs to be promoted to overcome critical land. The types of plants that can be selected for critical land rehabilitation can consider things such as plants that have strong and deep supporting roots, require little water, do not need nutrients in the soil, and are endemic plants in their habitat. In terms of the government, it is certainly necessary to have binding policies related to land conversion and natural sustainability by considering hydroseeding costs. The government is fully responsible for disseminating its policies related to overcoming critical land and maintaining the sustainability of productive land. And also, there need to be strict sanctions for the community and corporations related to haphazard or illegal logging of trees.

Formation of lands such as stairs or understanding terraces can reduce the rate of water flowing from higher ground. So that the nutrients in the soil are not prone to landslides and are buried with other layers of soil. Returning watershed function is an effort to improve water catchment areas. Strategic river ecosystems such as water supply, tackling floods, tackling drought, green lines, and so on. Community awareness needs to be built to restore watershed function. It is important for river flow restoration so that people can use the river economically. The added area is the area that contributes the most critical land. Mineral mines such as coal, gold, natural gas, and other minerals are usually in a fairly deep soil layer. Miners will dredge the ground to find minerals to be mined. So that the top layer of soil will sink. If the types of mining goods are used up, the land will be abandoned.

Therefore, it is important to reforest former mining areas. The government also needs to be firm and not arbitrarily give permission for mining.