Here’s How To Choose The Right Song When Exercising

Listening to music while exercising is indeed a habit for some people. Many of them chose to listen to music while working to improve their enthusiasm and become more positive. For that, having the best portable cd player is the thing you have to do. Exercising by listening to quality music and sound will certainly make you more excited.

Then, actually, how do you choose the right song when exercising?
– Start with a slow tempo. Slow tempo won’t over-consume your energy, instead, it will calm you down before you start sports. Especially if the song for the sport has both motivational arrangements and lyrics.
– Adjust to heart rate. Music that has a similar tempo, at least five percent faster than your heart rate, will make your exercise more optimal.
– In accordance with the rhythm of the sport. This technique will help you control the movements that you do, thus reducing the wasted oxygen stores in the body, which you really need during exercise.

However, you certainly must always be careful when listening to music while exercising. Because there are many risks that can occur. Often listening to songs that are too tight with earphones while exercising can make your ears more sensitive, especially after doing high-intensity exercise. In some cases, you focus instead on the song for the sport you are listening to, compared to the exercise you are doing. This condition can be life-threatening if you do it when you are crossing the road between jogging. If when you use your earphones so you can’t hear a friend calling you, you should immediately reduce the volume of your music.

Also, make sure you are careful and don’t be careless when using earphones while exercising. This will make you experience various dangers and injuries to your body while exercising.