Functions and How to Use Screw Micrometers

The screw micrometer is a length measuring instrument whose accuracy in measurement is very accurate, it can reach 0.01 millimeters. In physics, this tool is usually used to measure the length, thickness and outer diameter of an object. This tool consists of the main jaw which acts as the main stage and the rotary jaw acts as a nonius scale In the meantime, we’d like you to check out the best ball screw repair as well

The main scale in this tool is divided into millimeters and given every 5 millimeters. If the measuring sheath is rotated as much as 1 full rotation, then the jaw will move forward and shift backward depending on the playback of 0.5 millimeters and if rotated twice full then the jaw will shift 1 millimeter.

The gauge and nonius times in this tool are divided into 50 parts, in each of the 5 parts given a number so that one scale of the measuring sheath has a length of 1/50 X 0.5 millimeter = 0.01 millimeters.

Micrometer type

There are 3 general types of micrometer groupings, namely:

Outer Micrometer.

The outer micrometer is used to measure objects such as wire, blocks, and rods.

Inner Micrometer.

The inner micrometer is used to measure the line of the center of an object’s hole.

Depth Micrometer.

The depth micrometer is used to measure a low of slots.

Screw Micrometer Function.

The function of micrometer screw is to measure thickness, length and measure the diameter of an object that is very small in shapes such as measuring the diameter of cables, wires, the width of the paper and other small objects that cannot be measured by other tools.

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